Hailing from Eastern Europe and currently residing in Chicago, @ strives to provide listeners with an immersive journey into the fantasy of electronic music.  Each track is a chapter feeding into an overarching theme and experience.  The best told stories are ones that embrace the listener to deliver a full sensory encounter.  What will your story be?

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, but steeped in the roots of the Midwest underground rave scene, mrBallistic spins the wheels of steel with wild abandon. He formulates eclectic mixes that seamlessly combine deep house, dubstep, techno, hiphop, and even alternative rock. Having shared the stage with headliner DJs such as Richie Hawtin and Moby, mrBallistic joins the Flip Collective as a guest DJ to entertain us with his tasty selections. More at www.mrBallistic.com.


Starting in the illustrious underground electronic music scene in Montreal this artist made a name for himself by bringing only the freshest sounds to his sets along with an energy like no one else can! This DJ/Producer began his net stage of evolution in 2006 as he teamed up with Mocha Productions to create Madluv. A 3 floor club event which was used to showcase his talents as a House DJ. Each Madluv event saw Frankie Magenta rocking the main floor for extended 6 hour marathon sets. Madluv went on to become the biggest club event in all of Canada.

Frankie Madgenta is a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic dance music! You feel him when you hear him and you immediately understand the passion, love, and respect he has for music!

Guest DJ

Bringing you the harder styles of electronic music. He loves to combine the euphoric feels of trance and the hard hitting bass that will make anybody want to jump.

Inspired by the burgeoning beats and breakdowns bourne from the basement walls of yester year Chicago house parties, DJ Scoot was mesmerized by the Wheels of Steel. With tales of childhood sleepless nights until music lulled him to doze, Scoot was bombarded at home by his music loving mom from the melodies of the Fab Four, 70s disco beats, and the rhythmic rapping of the Sugar Hill Gang. Raised by Chicago House music, smoothed over by Acid Jazz, fancied into Freestyle/Heartthrob, and having marched along to Techno, Scoot is enjoying the never-ending cycle of retro-ness with the classic House tones and basslines being remixed and re-fashioned. Scoot delivers his eclectic aural taste from soulful house vocals of Donna Summer reminiscence to dirty dutch beats of Afrojack. Inspire and enjoy...

DBL U AE delivers pounding Techno sets with characteristic deep house beginnings and always sprinkling with classic house beats. Enjoy DBL U AE for the latest offerings in techno and tech house!

Bringing his love of Freestyle, Heartthrob and old school classic House music, DJ Get Down delivers the goods in recalling the good old days of early dance music and showing the passion from within...

Never afraid of introducing snazzy Italo Disco within a deep house set, DJ Bam BAM of the original Flip Collective will keep you wanting... 

DJ Bam Bam